Wit’s End in League of Legends

Wit’s End is a League of Legends consumable that boosts attack speed, as well as giving bonus Magic Damage to basic attacks. It is best for champions that make use of basic attacks, such as Bruisers, Tanks, and Marksmen. However, there are certain restrictions, so Wit’s End is not suitable for all champion types.

Changes to Wit’s End

The changes to Wit’s End in League of Legends have improved the damage of the item. Its new damage scaling makes it an excellent choice for early-rush builds. It also offers a powerful late-game option, regardless of the enemy team’s magic damage.

In addition to the damage scaling changes, the champion’s basic attack now grants 6 magic resistance to the target, stacking up to 30. However, ranged champions will only steal three magic resist per basic attack, instead of five. Additionally, the attack speed has decreased to 40% from 50%.

The nerfs to Teleport summoner spell were tested ahead of the release of Season 12 in League of Legends. The changes impact the early game and Summoner’s Rift. They also limit the use of Teleport on friendly towers. These changes may make the Teleport summoner spell obsolete in the LoL meta.

Lastly, the game has improved Nunu’s damage. Previously, she would be yelled off the screen if hit by Rek’Sai’s W – Un-burrow. Now, it has a -100 base damage.

Impact on Bruisers

In League of Legends, Bruisers can be very powerful in teamfights, but they have some limitations. First of all, they lack sustain, and most of them can only trade on their terms. They tend to pick fights and stun their opponents after they consume their passive up, which is a huge problem when the other team wants to pick up kills. In other words, they are a liability in most cases. However, there are ways to make your Bruiser more viable. Specifically, you can invest in items that can help you sustain and deal damage to your opponents.

Wit’s End has become an important item for ADC champions in League of Legends. This item can significantly increase a champion’s damage output, while bolstering their magic resistance. However, most ADCs aren’t going to benefit from Wit’s End alone, as Nashor’s Tooth has a larger on-hit damage benefit and requires 150 – 325 AP.

Impact on Marksmen

Wits End is one of the most useful items in League of Legends. This item is a powerful addition to your marksman build, and will increase your attack speed and on-hit damage. It can also be combined with Immortal Shieldbow to make your marksmen even more difficult to kill.

Wit’s End is a legendary item that provides a high amount of magic damage. It is particularly useful for auto-attack reliant mixed damage dealers. It also gives the wearer good resistance to magic damage, which is particularly important against champions with high armor.