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Recently, Riot Games released two new characters, Zeri and Neon, in the games League of Legends and Valorant. These two characters share the same voice actress but will be developed as separate characters in their respective games. Let’s take a closer look at these characters and see what the similarities and differences are between them.

Character design

If you’ve played League of Legends, you’ve likely noticed that the characters Zeri and Neon look incredibly similar. They share a similar design, but that’s not the whole story. Neon and Zeri are not canon crossovers, but Riot Games has revealed that they’re working on one together.

Both characters share a similar design and have similar abilities. In addition, the two share the same voice actor. As a result, many players have speculated that the two are inspired by each other. The main similarities between the two heroes are their electrically charged shots, similar movement patterns, and corresponding abilities.

Zeri’s W ability mimics the Valorant’s Operator sniper rifle, while his basic attack is similar to his rifle, but fires in bursts. Players with Valorant builds typically burst fire their weapons, because they want their shots to be accurate.

Thematic similarities

Despite their different gameplay and aesthetics, both Zeri and Neon share many similarities. Both are Filipino-inspired and are surrounded by family. The theme of electricity is also prevalent. Both characters have bandaids resembling positive and negative electric charges. Neon has a sarcastic, blunt personality. Meanwhile, Zeri has a warm personality, although she can still be stubborn. Both games were developed by the same team, so these similarities are not necessarily accidental.

In addition to similarities in their design, the two characters also share a voice actor. This has prompted fans to speculate about a potential Riot Games collaboration between the two characters. It’s also possible that Zeri will be a guest character on Arcane Season 2 of the popular game. The character is also said to hail from the underground city of Zaun. This city is also home to other characters, such as Ekko, Vi, and Jinx.

Zeri and Neon were released by Riot Games at roughly the same time. Both featured electric themes and were geared toward speed. They also had a significant Filipino following. Vanille Velasquez, the voice actress behind Zeri, was recently featured in a Yahoo Gaming Southeast Asia interview. In the interview, she discussed her journey with Riot Games and the importance of Filipino representation in the gaming industry.

Ability similarities

Despite their different appearances, the two heroes share a few similarities. For one, both have a similar hairstyle and face design. Additionally, both Zeri and Neon have the same voice actress. Another thing that makes them seem similar is their ability to use electricity. Both characters can use electricity and both have similar attack and defense abilities.

Another similarity between Zeri and Neon is their mobility. Both characters can sprint for up to fifteen seconds with their abilities. Neon can also recharge their sprint bar by killing enemies. Neon’s ultimate, ‘Overdrive,’ extends the duration of these abilities.

Despite their very different appearances, Zeri’s champion trailer revealed that both characters share similar power sources. Neon and Zeri share similar electrical abilities, such as lightning flashing from their fingertips. However, their respective worlds make their abilities different.

Voice actors

Having a voice actor for each character in League of Legends is no small feat. It can be daunting to break into the voice acting industry, but it is far from impossible. Here are some tips to make it in the voice acting industry: keep it up to date!

First, you should consider the character’s design. Both Zeri and Neon are inspired by video games. The former has a twintail hairstyle and neon colors. The latter features a short, slender haircut. Vanille Velasquez, a Filipina, voices Zeri in League of Legends. She has been voicing games and anime since 2017.

Neon and Zeri have similar looks and voice styles. Neon has twintail hairstyles, while Zeri has a short hairstyle and a sexy outfit. Both have the same voice, which is why Filipino voice actress Vanille Velasquez was cast in both roles. In League of Legends, Zeri is a champion and has electric abilities. In addition to being extremely mobile, she carries a rifle that fires shots at high speeds. She can also discharge lightning from her fingertips.