Zombie Skins For League of Legends

If you’re looking for some great zombie skins for League of Legends, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve collected some of the best ones so that you can customize your character in the most unique way. These include Count Kassadin, Little Devil Teemo, Renata Glasc, and Death Sworn.

Count Kassadin

The Halloween-themed skin of Count Kassadin in League of legends is a nice addition to the character’s arsenal. It allows Kassadin players to imagine themselves as the Count, thanks to the new model and ability effects. Many players have quickly embraced this skin, even though it costs only 1,350 RP. The skin is not available in the normal game store.

To counter Kassadin, use your minions to harass her. You should attack her under her tower whenever she goes for CS or range minions. You should also be very disciplined and apply good wave management techniques.

Little Devil Teemo

This League of Legends zombie skin focuses on the devilish side of the character. Instead of a hat, Teemo now wears a crown, launches fire bolts from his trident, and has new horns. It also features new particles for spells and abilities. You can purchase the skin for 1350 RP.

The Little Devil Teemo is one of the most popular zombie skins available in the game, and has a lot of appeal to players. This devil skin is cute but frightful, and the hot darts it fires can cause great damage. He’s also one of the most underrated League of Legends skins.

Death Sworn

For League of Legends players, the Death Sworn skins are a great way to customize their champion. They are available for purchase for 1,350 Riot Points and are great if you want to make your main champion stand out. These skins are very easy to earn if you do the right missions. They also give you a new icon and ward.

The Death Sworn Katarina skin was released in October 2017. It was part of the Harrowing event. It was also available as a bundle with the Death Sworn Viktor and Zed skins. This skin is similar to Death Sworn Katarina except for a few small changes. For instance, her hair looks a bit ethereal.

Renata Glasc

After being released only a week ago, Renata Glasc has been hotfixed. Although she is not quite the Zeri that the Zombie skins in League of Legends are based on, her appearance is very similar to Zeri. Riot Squad revealed why they hotfixed her in a tweet.

Renata Glasc’s kit is a departure from the traditional role of an enchanter in League of Legends. The new champion’s abilities provide high risk, high reward ways to help the team. Her massive peel and utility skills are also a nice addition to her support role. This champion was just released in League of Legends, so you may want to start playing her as soon as possible!


As a leader in the League of Legends, Swain has several unique skins available for the character. Some of these skins are based on real life creatures. For example, the Beatrice skin is based on a scarlet macaw. The colors on the skin differ from those of real life macaw feathers, while others are inspired by Chinese splash art. This skin also shows Swain’s rise to Grand General. This skin also shows him carrying a staff.

In the next patch, Swain will receive a number of buffs. The new version of his abilities will give him more mana, making him more powerful. The base health of his W will increase from 560 to 600, making him more terrifying in bottlenecks. He will also have a new ability called Demonic Ascension, which lasts for as long as he can sustain himself from enemies’ souls.

Pumpkinhead Fiddlesticks

The Pumpkinhead Fiddlesticks skin is a Halloween-themed skin for League of Legends. It was first released during the 2010 Halloween event. It is still available as a legacy skin. It looks very goofy and scary and gives the player a murder-clown aesthetic. It has a good voice and the skin has good effects.

The skin combines two lines of skins, and it is cheap to buy. Fiddlesticks is also associated with the Winter Sports universe, so you can find many different skins for him. There are nine skins for Fiddlesticks, each of which offers different effects and looks. The Union Jack Fiddlesticks adds a nice touch to the champion, but it lacks the great effects of the other skins.